5 tips to start offering online nutrition consultations

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I'm sure you are currently aware of the world's response to the new pandemic of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

As a result of the current safety and preventive measures, there are now millions of potential clients at home, that need your expertise on nutrition and how to improve eating habits.

In addition to the growing information about how to face this new reality, we've seen a lot of misinformation being spread about nutrition. Thus, it is essential that you and all nutrition professionals act now, and adapt their business to this situation, making sure that clients are still given access to nutrition counseling even if not face-to-face.

Make chaos your opportunity to reach more clients and make a difference in their lives, when they need you the most: with online nutrition appointments.

If this is a reality for you already, check here how you can make sure you got everything you need. If this is new for your business, see how to set up your online nutrition practice today, with 5 simple steps.

Online bookings

It is essential to streamline the scheduling processs and make sure that this is not a hassle for your clients.

Make sure they know that the consultation will be online (via video conference, for example), and what information you need from them beforehand, such as e-mail address or phone number.

If you currently use Nutrium, you can set up the new scheduling platform where your clients can quickly schedule an appointment with you. The chosen time and date will be automatically added to your Nutrium work calendar (all booking must be confirmed by you).

With this platform, you can also send messages to the client before the appointment with further instructions on how the consultation will proceed.

Click here for more information about this feature.

Video conference platforms

Having a platform to be able to make a call with your client during the consultation is crucial. Seeing and chatting with the client is super essential for you to know him better and have a more holistic approach to their recommendations.

Video conference platforms allow you to break the barrier of not seeing the client face to face, and actually, a lot of professionals have been doing this for a while. Here are a few platforms that are very efficient and safe to use:

  • Google Hangouts - It's the Gmail video conference platform that allows you, within your Gmail inbox, to initiate a conversation with your client. Both parties must have a gmail.com address, and to begin the conversation, you just need to send the client the link. This platform is free of costs.

  • Zoom - Zoom is a video platform that can be used for free with a few restrictions - only individual calls, up to 40 minutes. To initiate the conversation, you just need to book a meeting and invite the client by e-mail or with the link. The client does not need to have this platform installed.

  • Skype - This platform has been one of the first solutions on video conferencing. Requires that both parties have the platform installed on their computers and log in to access.

With Nutrium, you can schedule online appointments by integrating your video calling platform or telehealth service. Just make sure to add the link of the platform (if you are using Hangouts Nutrium provides you with an automated link) and to sync with Google Calendar.

Clients will receive an email notification and can join you on their computer or even through their mobile app directly. Check here how to enable this.

After the appointment follow-up

When the appointment is finished, it's time to send the client the meal plan, additional recommendations, and any other relevant information appointment related.

I'm sure e-mail is what comes to mind, even though, there are currently platforms that allow professionals to deliver all these to their clients in a more secure way.

The Nutrium mobile app for nutrition clients is free of charge and available for iOS and Android.

With the Nutrium mobile app, clients can:

  • Send messages with questions or asking for feedback;
  • Send weight evolution logs;
  • Register food diaries (you will receive these updates daily);
  • Ask for updates on their meal plans at any time (which most of your current clients will definitely need);
  • Send updates on physical activity and water intake;
  • Receive (automatically) notifications and reminders to eat and drink water (extremely helpful when working remotely);
  • Require new appointments, reschedules, or confirm any booking updates.

Check here:


It's important to continue billing clients as you usually would. If you haven't used and online billing platform here are a few:

  • Paypal - If you already have Paypal you can easily use the feature send & request and generate an invoice to send to clients. Check here how to set it up.

  • Zoho - Is an online invoicing software for small business, you can create the invoice, request payment and proceed the payment through Zoho. It has a free subscription, but prices are relatively accessible.

  • Invoicely - This platform allows you to create automated invoices, accept credit cards and other forms of payment, and track all your expenses and transactions. It as a free subscription option and prices are reasonably competitive.

Share and announce the new service

Now that you have everything set up, it's time to let your clients know about this new online appointment service.

Here are some practical tips:

  • Send a message to all your clients if you are currently using Nutrium;

  • Send an e-mail with the instructions to schedule an appointment;

  • Share on social media that you are offering nutrition consultations online, and add your scheduling link;

This is also a great opportunity to improve your nutrition practice online presence.

Or even create your personal website at Nutrium so clients can find you online and book appointments with you.

After making sure that bookings, video conference platform, follow-up after the appointment, and payments are all set, you are ready to start receiving online appointments booking requests.

Do you usually use other platforms to help you manage your practice online? Let us know so we can add them to our article.

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