Create your personal page with Nutrium

After sharing our 5 top tips to help you build your personal branding, what better opportunity to share with you our newest feature: a personal page, online and for so you can share your recipes and our information.

Since we know how important it is for professionals to increase their online presence nowadays, and by working every day towards that goal, we can now offer a new tool so that professionals can increase their volume of clients, by having a place, available for all, to share their ideas.


Why is this important?

Nowadays, working in nutrition and dietetics, you need to not only keep up to date with all the research but also develop skills in marketing, branding and social media as well.

By having a personal page where you can leave your own input by sharing your recipes and your ideas, at no additional cost is taking a big step forward towards that.

Since we want to help, professionals to manage their time as tasks even more efficiently and as we know that creating a personal online page can be quite challenging, we took care of all that for you. With this new feature, your website is ready to be launched.

We are sure that it will not only help you bring more awareness to your practice/clinic but also help you to find and retain more patients.

Now, with a few clicks, you can create your own personal page available to anyone. Check here how it would look like:

One more problem solved!

Even though having a great online presence can create a fantastic impact on your career as a nutrition professional, we know that some people are more keen to it than others.

Besides, most of the time it implies additional costs, such as buying domains online or renting servers and on top of that, you have to learn how to navigate through them.

Creating a recipe, analyzing its nutritional value, and uploading it to your website can be time-consuming, additionally if it requires different services or software.

But with Nutrium, you can save time creating your recipes and sharing them to your audience since the program analyses all recipes created automatically and with a simple click you can make them available to on your personal page.

Create your personal page in a few steps

Step 1: Configure your personal page

From now on, if you click on your username, you will see a new option Profile and personal page.

When you click there you will be able to check all the fields available on your personal page: "Presentation"; "About me" and "Social media URL".

After registering all that information, you can choose if you want to make your personal page public.

Step 2: Share your recipes

When clicking on the button Manage published recipes you can select which recipes you'll want to add to your personal page for your audience.

Step 3: Check and share your personal page

If you click in Preview personal page you'll be able to see the final layout of your page.

To share your page, you just need to click the URL previously set (your name).


Make sure you check out this new feature and let us know what you think.

If you haven't already, make sure to sign up for Nutrium 14-day trial to see how your personal page would look like, we are sure you will be amazed.