Send messages to groups of patients with one click

Our prime goal is that our professionals have closer contact with their clients and are able to easily communicate with them.

To do so, we released a feature which will allow them to send messages to different patients at once, by grouping them to a tag.

If you have a new healthy and nutritious recipes meat-free that you want to share with your vegetarian patients specifically, you can do that by creating a tag which will identify them as a group and send your new recipe with only one click.

What is a group of patients?

Our system defines groups by tags, which are essentially a keyword or a term associated with relevant information which will allow you to select particular patients much quicker.

Tags can be either group ages, conditions, or other characteristics which are in common with more than one patient, making them part of a group.

They are chosen by the professional and can be edited at any time, add or remove a tag whenever feeling necessary.

How to add patients to a group

When accessing a patient's profile, above their profile image, name and occupation are possible to add or create a tag which will better describe him.

For example, you can associate various patients who might have similar conditions, such as obesity and hypertension ou even just one of them. That patient will be part of a group or various groups with other patients.

In order to search for a group of patients you just need to click on the icon patients on the sidebar menu and chose the group you wish to check.

How to send a message to a group

On the sidebar menu, in messages is possible to send messages directly to a group of patients by clicking on send message and choosing the tag of the group of patients intended.

For example, if the professional has a new recommendation to give to his patients with diabetes, it is now easy to select the tag referring to that particular group, in the section send to. That way only the patients to whom that information is useful will receive the message, and the professional won't need to send each one individually.

What changes for the patients

Your patients will receive an individual message and it will not be indicated that the message was sent to a specific group of people.

If your patients, with the messages, feature enabled, reply to that group message, the system will create a new section with an individual chat allowing you to have an individual conversation with the said patient.

Other essential aspects of this feature

If you have a subscription plan with a limited number of active patients this feature can activate patients which are currently inactive. The system will always inform you of this matter, and when you reach your limit of patients, it won't let you send the message.

If you have an unlimited number of active patients per month, all your patients from the selected group will receive your message successfully.

We hope this feature will allow you to have a closer relationship with your patients, keep them motivated and committed to their goals and thus, increasing patient loyalty.

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