Mobile app for nutritionists and dietitians to run their business on the go

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Keeping in touch with your clients between appointments is one of the most important factors so they can stay motivated and therefore increase the return rate.

Professionals must be able to attend their clients' needs even when they are not at the office, without compromising their privacy.

And as we know, nutrition professionals are often on the go. From working in different clinics, visiting different clients at home, or even when just out and about.

That is why having a professional mobile app to check their clients' latest questions and queries is a must-have!

Meet the mobile app designed for nutritionists and dietitians that want to be in touch with their clients from anywhere effectively.

Nutrium mobile app for professionals to run their business

For professionals who are already using Nutrium, the messaging feature is already quite familiar.

It allows professionals to exchange messages with clients to:

  • Arrange or rearrange appointment bookings;
  • Check how they are doing and address their struggles;
  • Send tips or food products recommendations;
  • Provide feedback on food journals, water intake logs or physical exercise;
  • Notify of any unforeseen changes in your schedule.

Our goal is to continue to improve this mobile app, so professionals can run their business from their phones and make sure clients receive the best care.

Why should you use the mobile app for professionals

Imagine that a client is at the supermarket getting their weekly groceries and has a question about the shopping list you provided them, or there's a new product that they'll like to try, and you are not with your laptop.

Using the Nutrium mobile app for clients, they can quickly send you a message with a photo of the product or their query. Check here the mobile app for nutrition clients.

With the professional app, you can address their question even if you are not on your computer at the moment.

And that is precisely why you definitely use this mobile app! It allows you to give feedback and better follow-up with all your clients without having to use your computer or be in your practice.

How to set up the Nutrium professional app

The same Nutrium mobile app is available for professionals, and also for nutrition clients, with features adapted to each group.

The app is available on the App Store and Google Play. Please note that the Nutrium mobile app is available for professionals and also for nutrition clients. What differs is the email you use to log in.

You need to download the app to your phone and log in using the same email address and password you used to create your Nutrium account.

Check here how to set up the professional mobile app.

With the professional app, you can:

Check your clients' necessary information and see their conversation history.

Send and receive messages from clients.

Make sure to check our help center to see how to send a message to clients.

With this article, we wanted to share not only this new amazing Nutrium feature, which allows professionals to have their own mobile app but also to remind you why it is essential to always keep connected with them.

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