Create and analyze the nutritional information of your recipes

It is finally possible to create recipes in Nutrium. Our professionals can now register their own recipes, as well as analyze their nutritional information.

Your patients can have access not only to their tailored meal plan but also to healthy and nutritious recipes, provided by you, which will help the patients achieve their goals and follow your recommendations

How to register a recipe

On the side bar menu you will find a button saying recipes. Here is where you can manage everything regarding your recipes. See what recipes have been created, add new recipes and check their nutritional informations.

When clicking add new recipe a new page will appear which will allow you to register all the information about that recipe:

  • Name;
  • Description;
  • Total time;
  • Preparation time;
  • Final weight;
  • Portions;
  • Ingredients (found in Nutrium's food composition databases);
  • Cooking method;
  • Portion and common measures.

How to analyze the nutritional information of a recipe

By clicking on the button analysis you can check the recipe's nutritional label per:

  • 100 grams;
  • per portion/common measure;
  • DRI percentage (reference intake of an average adult who eats 2000 kcal a day).

You can even check the nutritional value of macro and micronutrients of the recipe per:

  • Final weight;
  • Portion/common measure.

How to add a recipe to the meal plan

When creating a meal plan, on the meals section, is possible to add the recipes directly in any meal.

In order to do that, you need to click on the filter my recipes on the field to choose the food databases

How to print your recipes

When recipes are added to your patient's meal plan, they will be automatically included when creating the pdf of the meal plan. That allows you to print the whole file at once, or even sending it to your patient by email.

If you want to print only the recipe, you can do it by clicking on it on the sidebar menu recipes, and then print recipe.

Is this the feature you were waiting for to try out Nutrium? You can do it now, and try it for free for 14 days. We promise you will be amazed with this new feature.

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