Analyze the calories and macronutrients of your clients' food diaries

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Knowing how your clients are doing in between appointments, face-to-face or remotely is essential so your clients can achieve their goals.

Following-up with your clients the right way requires several strategies that nutrition professionals should adopt, including food diary logging by clients, followed by its analysis and feedback by the professional.

With Nutrium, it is already possible to offer clients a mobile app that allows them to register if they are being compliant with the meal plan*, if they made changes to any meal or if they didn't follow the recommendations from anywhere.

So the nutrition professional can get the most out of this feature, it is important for them to know if any deviations made regarding the meal plan are contributing or not to an energy and macronutrient intake that may compromise the nutritional intervention.

Now it is possible to analyze the amount of calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat consumed by the clients, registered by them in their food diaries.

Where to analyze the nutritional information of the food diaries

This feature is available in the appointment layout or in the client's profile, in step 2. Follow-up.

First, you should give your client access to the mobile app.

Make sure you have the option "Food Diary" enabled for all your clients in the Configurations and preferences page.

If you want to enable this feature only for some clients, you should access their profile and enable it in the Deliverables section.

As soon as your clients have access to the mobile app, they can start registering their food diaries. This information will be updated automatically in the software and you will be able to see it in more detail in the Follow-up tab in each client's profile.

Here it is possible to see the monthly calendar which will include:

  • the food diary logs;
  • the water intake logs;
  • the physical activity logs.

This information is represented below in more detail, now including the nutritional information of the food diaries that were completed.

1. Comparing the food diary and the prescribed meal plan, when the foods were successfully complied with

When your clients register their food diary according to what was recommended, the meals will show in green, and the nutrition analysis will be represented in the circles, as in the image below:

2. Comparing the food diary and the prescribed meal plan, when your client ate less than what was recommended

3. Comparing the food diary and the prescribed meal plan, when your client ate more than what was recommended.

In all cases, you can always select specific meals and analyze which foods your clients are not eating or what changes they are doing.

When the consumed amount exceeds what was recommended, Nutrium will inform you:

Analyzing a food diary without prescribing a meal plan

It is also possible to get the calories and macronutrient analysis of a food diary without having a meal plan associated with it.

This option comes in handy when you want to make the analysis of a 3-day food diary before the consultation.

In order to do that, you should give your clients access to the mobile app as soon as they book an appointment with you and ask them to register that information. The process is identical to the previous one.

In this case, the analysis is made in the same section of the appointment layout - Follow-up. The only difference is that Nutrium will not have the meal plan information to make the comparison.

In the monthly view of the calendar, this food diary will show in gray.

You can also see in detail which foods the client consumed so you can make a complete nutritional assessment.

If your clients are still not using the Nutrium mobile app, give them access today and secure their nutritional follow-up between appointments remotely. You can test the mobile app by following these instructions.

This feature was a very requested one by our professionals, and in the future, we want to keep improving it so they can work with the best tools available in the market.

If you were waiting for this feature to use Nutrium or to give your clients access to the mobile app, now is the time. Sign up and start taking full advantage of our platform today.

*This feature is only avaiable for the Nutrium Follow-up package. Learn here how to get it.